bpt Physical Therapy
bpt Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone needs bpt Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy is not only for when you have an injury. Do you go to the gym but feel like you are missing a muscle group? Do you have a strength imbalance? Do you want to become better at a sport? Would you like to prevent future injuries? Would you like to be able to climb upstairs? Improve your balance when walking up and down curbs. Come to bpt Physical Therapy, and our team will evaluate you and create a customized plan in order to help you accomplish your goals.

Because you will be evaluated by the physical therapist on your strength and flexibility, you will need to wear comfortable, athletic clothing that allows the physical therapist to assess the injured region. Ex: shorts if you have a knee problem, or a tank top if you have a shoulder injury.

bpt Physical Therapy has you covered. Upon scheduling your initial evaluation, we verify your insurance before your first appointment. *self-pay options are also available

Healing is different for everyone. We are constantly monitoring how your body reacts to the treatment we provide you and altering your program accordingly. Every 10 visits, your strength, flexibility, and goals are reassessed. At bpt Physical Therapy, our goal is to get you to your best as quickly as possible so that you can live a pain-free life. While no two people are the same, we often see improvements in the first week.

During the initial evaluation, Beth or Patrick will gather information regarding your medical history, pain, strength, immobility, as well the tasks you would like to be able to do or improve upon. Beth or Patrick will then structure an individualized care plan that will lay the foundation and framework for the fastest road to recovery. You will be given a customized home exercise program before leaving your initial evaluation.

During the first visit, you will receive hands-on treatment along with a highly specialized exercise program. The staff at bpt Physical Therapy will guide you through your exercises, monitoring any discomfort or difficulties you encounter.

bpt Physical Therapy differs from traditional physical therapy practices. Your appointment will consist of manual physical therapy and physical exercises and activities. The duration of your appointment will vary based on diagnoses and highly specialized treatment plans. Your appointment will generally last from 1 - 2 hours, while your initial evaluation will run around 1 hour.

You are able to receive physical therapy without a referral/prescription for musculoskeletal issues, unless dictated by your insurance. bpt Physical Therapy will notify you if a referral/prescription is needed for your treatment.