Meet Our Team

bpt Physical Therapy

Elizabeth Petrie, MPT

Owner, Physical Therapist

Beth (Elizabeth) has been a physical therapist since 1993. After graduating from Drexel University (Hahnemann), Beth worked at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Eventually, Beth was recruited by Main Line Health and Fitness (MLHF) in Bryn Mawr, PA, to be the director of the outpatient and osteoporosis center.

In 2018, Beth took a leap of faith and opened a practice of her own. bpt Physical Therapy embodies the people-first mentality that Beth knew was absent from many other therapy practices. Beth loves to provide physical therapy and is excited to watch the practice’s community grow and thrive as more members are added to the bpt Physical Therapy family.

bpt Physical Therapy

Patrick Cates, MPT

Physical Therapist, Office Manager

Patrick has been a physical therapist for more than 20 years. After graduating from Temple University, Patrick began his career working in a private outpatient pediatric clinic with special needs children. He then transitioned to homecare, treating patients ranging in age from three months to 103 years old. Patrick then began working with post-hospitalization patients in subacute rehabilitation. During this time, Patrick met Beth. He was inspired by her love of outpatient physical therapy to return to where he started and join her in this amazing adventure.

bpt Physical Therapy

Lauren Radack

Graphic Designer, Physical Therapy Aide

Lauren is Beth and Patrick’s daughter. Lauren has been involved in the making of bpt Physical Therapy, from everything, including creating the name, logo, and website, to running the practice from 2020-2021.
Upon graduation from high school in 2019, Lauren attended Parsons School of Design, majoring in Fashion Design and minoring in Film Production. During COVID, Lauren paused her studies when her classes for the 2020-2021 school year were moved online and worked full-time in the practice as the office manager and aide.
Returning to school in the fall of 2022, Lauren found that she no longer felt fulfilled in her fashion studies and decided that she wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy. Lauren spent her final year at Parsons studying medical design before transferring to the University of Lynchburg in the fall of 2023 to complete her undergraduate studies. Lauren is currently majoring in Spanish and plans to attend physical therapy school after graduation.
When Lauren is working at bpt Physical Therapy, patients can expect to be greeted with a smile and sometimes a song (Lauren can’t help but sing the songs we have playing in practice). Patients know her for her outgoing and vibrant personality and can be sure to feel immediately welcomed into the bpt Physical Therapy family.
In Lauren’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, learning languages, reading, working out, surfing, and spending time outside.

bpt Physical Therapy

Tyler Radack

Business Advisor

Tyler is Beth and Patrick's son.
Tyler grew up in Virginia Beach, VA, before moving to New Jersey with his mother and sister in 2014. Tyler graduated Magna Cum Laude from Moorestown Friends School in 2017 and Magna Cum Laude from Boston College in 2021 with a degree in Chemistry. Currently, Tyler is attending medical school at Jefferson University, hoping to become an orthopedic surgeon.
When bpt Physical Therapy first opened, he was our first aide! Tyler brings his passion for orthopedics and research to bpt Physical Therapy. Patients can expect a cheerful and understanding individual who has a passion for seeing patients improve their health.
When Tyler does have a spare moment from medical school, he enjoys working in the research department of Rothman Orthopedics and in the Design lab at Jefferson, fostering his passion for medical design.
You can also find Tyler behind the bar at the yearly bpt Physical Therapy anniversary party!

bpt Physical Therapy

Diane Beach

Office Assistant

Diane Beach is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Diane graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate. Diane was first a patient at bpt Physical Therapy, experiencing back and shoulder pain. After being discharged from bpt, Diane applied for a position on the bpt Physical Therapy Team because she had thoroughly enjoyed her time as a patient, becoming familiar with both the people and the work culture. In Diane’s words, “I was returning to the workforce after 20 years of raising my family and filling my days with volunteer work. It was time for a challenge”. Diane brings her strong work ethic, positive attitude, kindness, and compassion for patients to bpt Physical Therapy.

Diane’s favorite aspects about working at bpt Physical Therapy are the people and the positive environment. Diane says, “The patients and the staff are friendly and supportive of one another. Also, I enjoy seeing the patients’ reactions when they realize how much they have improved and how much stronger they have become. It’s almost like a surprise to them sometimes”.

At bpt Physical Therapy, patients can expect Diane to welcome them warmly from their initial evaluation through their final appointment. Diane respects and emphasizes with patients, making their experience at bpt Physical Therapy positive and fun.

Outside of bpt Physical Therapy, Diane enjoys anything creative: crafting, baking, decorating, photography, etc. Diane also loves thrill rides, specifically roller coasters. Diane has two sons and enjoys watching her older son, Brandon, perform as an actor and her younger son, Kyle, play collegiate baseball.

bpt Physical Therapy

Natalie Olfshefski

Office Assistant

Natalie currently lives in Woodbury Heights. Natalie attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, followed by Rutgers School of Law in Camden.

Natalie’s favorite part about working at bpt is helping people. Knowing that she is not only aiding the patients but also assisting Beth and Patrick makes her happy. Natalie is always known to greet everyone with a smile and brings a sense of stability, reliability, and professionalism to bpt.

Natalie joined the bpt community in order to use her organizational and administrative skills after being out of the workforce for 21 years, while also being able to focus on her ministry and family. Her beliefs aligned with bpt’s holistic approach that “everything is connected.”

Natalie can be found serving alongside her pastor husband in her spare time. She also loves to sing, drive in the countryside, spend time outdoors, and be her children's biggest cheerleader and supporter.

Natalie is an animal lover through and through, owning four pets! She also enjoys browsing antique stores and historical locations, feeling that everything has a story to tell.

bpt Physical Therapy

Chandler Garcia

Physical Therapy Aide

Originally from Westampton, New Jersey, Chandler Garcia was born and raised in Ewing, NJ. Chandler graduated from Millersville University in December of 2021 with a bachelor's degree in science with a sports medicine concentration. While attending Millersville University, Chandler majored in Allied Health Technology- Sports Medicine and played for the university’s women’s soccer team. Chandler brings her good communication skills, optimism, and (as some patients may say) a little too much animal print to bpt Physical Therapy. Chandler states, “Patients can expect me to provide them with a positive environment that encourages them to reach milestones in their care plan. I have also been in a position where I needed Physical Therapy, so I know that in this journey, a patient needs encouragement and positivity”. Chandler’s favorite part about working at bpt Physical Therapy is the “close-knit environment it promotes between patients, aides, and physical therapists”. Chandler loves coming into work “feeling like everyone is a friend”. When not at bpt, Chandler enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and enjoying movie nights with her family. In the fall, Chandler plans on volunteering as an assistant coach for the RV girls' soccer team in order to be there for her sister’s final high school soccer season.

Inactive bpt Staff

bpt Physical Therapy

Drew Dunne

Physical Therapy Aide

Drew Dunne is from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Drew is currently attending the University of Hartford, majoring in physical therapy. Through his dedication to health and wellness and love for helping others, Drew brings positive energy to bpt. Drew states, “Patients can expect me to be committed to helping them in every way I can, whether it is showing them their exercises and obtaining their equipment for them or simply bringing a smile to their face to brighten their day.” During his free time, Drew enjoys exercise, listening to music, singing, and spending time with family and friends. Drew is a member of an acapella group at his university called “L’Shir”. He is the only member of the group who is not a music major!

Some words from Drew:
"My favorite part about working at bpt Physical Therapy is getting to know every patient I work with, which creates a family aspect to bpt. Additionally, I enjoy working with Beth and Patrick which will help me as I study to become a physical therapist."

bpt Physical Therapy

Emily Cheeseman

Physical Therapy Aide

Emily Cheeseman is from Egg Harbor, Twp., New Jersey. Emily is currently attending Rowan University, majoring in Athletic Training. To bpt Physical Therapy, Emily brings the heart and drive of an eager student who admires the bpt Physical Therapy team and patients. Her favorite part about working at bpt Physical Therapy is being able to watch patients hit milestones they never imagined possible, no matter how big or small. In Emily’s spare time, she enjoys being out on the water with her family, spending time with her friends, and listening to all types of music. Emily has been involved with soccer and track and field for most of her life, whether it’s competing or just coaching. Currently, Emily competes as a heptathlete for Rowan University’s women’s track and field team. She also coaches’ soccer for young children.